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Spending the day with Advantage Solutions’ event specialist Annie Sanchez


Throughout August, Advantage Solutions is recognizing the contributions of its tens of thousands of front-line team members who work millions of hours in the field serving our brand and retail partners. For our “Day on the Front Line” series, leaders from across Advantage visited and worked beside some of these valued team members. First up, Jennifer Myers (left), senior vice president, experiential services at Advantage Solutions, spent some time with event specialist Annie Sanchez (right).

Spending a day with Annie Sanchez as she hosted an in-store sampling event at a Target store in Mission Viejo, Calif., was an eye-opening experience for Jennifer Myers, senior vice president, experiential services at Advantage Solutions.

“Annie loves talking to customers about the products she’s presenting and about Target in general,” Myers says. “You can tell she loves Target and cares deeply about the customer experience. Annie was helping customers find products and departments located throughout the store in both Spanish and English during her shift. She’s not just a great representation of Advantage, but a great ambassador for Target, too.”

Annie was a retiree when she joined Sunflower Group five years ago, “after running out of projects to do around the house,” she says. After a year away during COVID when sampling was put on hold, she returned last year to the job she loves, working across multiple Target stores in the San Diego area.

“Customers see our associates as an extension of the store team and brand,” Myers says. “Annie knew as much about the store layout and inventory as she did about the specific products she was sampling. She even had to make an on-the-fly adjustment because of store inventory levels, but she makes it all seamless to the customer.”

“Thank you to all associates out there representing our brand and retail partners,” Myers says. “Our customers appreciate your dedication, your knowledge and your smiles. Keep up the great work!”