Advantage Solutions moves corporate HQ to St. Louis

peter frost

Meet us in St. Louis.

Advantage Solutions Inc. has officially relocated its corporate headquarters to St. Louis, leveraging the Midwestern city’s central location as a hub to collaborate with the world’s largest consumer goods companies and retailers.

Since the Fortune 1000 company announced its plans to make the transition last fall, it has added a number of senior-level positions in the St. Louis metro area, and it now employs about 470 people in the region. That includes 90 full-time, salaried employees, including CEO Dave Peacock, Chief Financial Officer Chris Growe and Chief Human Resources Officer Pamela Morris-Thornton.

“St. Louis is one of the great cities in the U.S., boasting top universities, a diverse talent pool, affordable living and a central location that will foster more frequent, in-person connections with our teammates and our CPG and retailer clients,” Peacock said.

Advantage finished moving into the 10th-floor space at the new Commerce Bank Tower in Clayton this spring.

The company is finalizing plans to invest in programs with local organizations to benefit the St. Louis community, centered on economic empowerment and mobility. Another key focus for the organization will be combating hunger to address food insecurity through its ongoing work with Feeding America.

The company, which was founded in 1987 in Southern California, plans to retain its office in Irvine, Calif. — which served as its former headquarters — as a collaboration hub.

Advantage also in recent months opened a collaboration hub in Chicago and plans to continue to maintain its offices in Minneapolis; Toronto; San Antonio; Rogers, Ark.; Cincinnati and other locations in close proximity to the clients it serves.

“How we leverage our physical space supports a renewed vision of bringing people together to achieve our mission of helping consumer brand and retail clients convert shoppers into buyers in every way they shop,” Peacock said.