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CDS event manager Geeta Geeta brings the fun to work — and gets results


As Advantage Solutions continues to celebrate Front-Line Appreciation Month throughout August, we are recognizing the contributions of our tens of thousands of front-line team members working out in the field serving our brand and retail partners. For our “Day on the Front Line” series, leaders from across Advantage visited and worked beside some of these valued team members. Recently, Andrea Young, chief operating officer, experiential services, spent time with Geeta Geeta, an event manager for Club Demonstration Services in Canada.

You know someone really enjoys their job when they can take a routine safety protocol and turn it into a fun and informative experience by leading the team in a Macarena safety dance. But that’s exactly what Geeta Geeta (left in photo), a Club Demonstration Services (CDS) event manager in Vaughan, Ontario, did during a visit from Andrea Young (right), chief operating officer, experiential services, Advantage Solutions.

“Geeta led our pre-shift safety rally where she has turned that protocol — which can admittedly be boring — into a Macarena dance that the team performs for fun while getting reinforcement on these important safety principles,” Young says.

Geeta is one of CDS’s 810 full-time event managers across the globe. In her role, Geeta and other event managers act as the primary liaison with each Costco warehouse manager, overseeing part-time talent rosters ranging from 33 to 77 people per warehouse, handling talent and event scheduling, overseeing safety and risk management protocols and acting as an on-site talent recruiter and general manager for CDS’s business in the warehouse.

“Geeta truly enjoys her job — and it shows,” Young says. “She joined CDS five years ago because, like many of our associates, she shopped at Costco regularly, saw our teams in action and wanted to become part of the fun. The people she works with are the most important part of the job for her. Geeta loves her team and is an absolute magnet for talent who want to work with her.”

Young was thoroughly impressed and appreciative of Geeta’s efforts, saying, “Geeta, the compassion you showed to your team as part of the pre-shift meeting — including the Macarena safety dance — and the precision of your team’s operation on the floor were inspiring to see. Thank you for making us better every day!”