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Advantage Solutions’ Paul Lewis achieves work-life balance in his role as a retail supervisor


As Advantage Solutions celebrates Front-Line Appreciation Month, we are shining the spotlight on our team members out in the field whose contributions drive the company’s success. For our “Day on the Front Line” series, leaders from across Advantage visited and worked beside some of these valued team members. Recently, Jack Pestello, COO, branded services, and Andy Keenan, executive vice president and general manager, spent time with retail supervisor Paul Lewis in Dallas.

Two years as a Dallas-based retail supervisor for Advantage Solutions have had a profound impact on Paul Lewis’s life. He told Andy Keenan, executive vice president and general manager, and Jack Pestello, chief operating officer, branded services, “Advantage has given me great flexibility in work schedule and allows me to balance work and personal/family life very well. It’s been wonderful being able to spend more time at home, go on vacation and have satisfaction in the work I’m able to accomplish.”

During their visit, Keenan and Pestello observed Lewis going about his daily responsibilities: new item execution, item void correction, tag replacement, packout and rotation, display building and more.

Pestello also said that he spent some time with Lewis learning about Advantage’s retail tools, Touch 1.0 and Insight/Touch 2.0. “It was wonderful to see firsthand how our technology enables our teams to
work more efficiently and deliver better results for our clients,” Pestello says. “One of the many questions I always ask when I meet with our team members is, ‘How can we make it better?’ I appreciated Paul’s unvarnished answers and his suggestions for improving both tools. We can only get better if we’re honest about how we’re doing and where there are unrealized opportunities.”

As Lewis says, “This job is 50/50 with retail and relationships. I love learning about our clients and their products. I usually end up trying anything new to see how it works. Innovation really drives me.”

He adds, “I also enjoy getting to talk with people from different walks of life every day. Usually, I gain something with each small conversation.”